Welcome to Hellshades!

Its Top Gun + Judge Dredd set in the Veskarium. Roll up some Lawful something platypuses and get ready to die horribly in space. Beginning as lowly Armigers within the Eclipse Hellknight Order, The characters will eventually be selected to participate in the Hellshade program, an experimental piloting program of elite Hellknight pilots. Character concepts should include reasons for Hellknight membership, good piloting abilities, as well as a decent ability to defend oneself in personal combat.

All characters will receive the benefits of the Star Knight Archetype without having to trade in any class abilities.

We will be using this campaign as a place to test out some house rules to fix some of the problems present within the Starfinder system. I will keep a wiki page of current house rules as these could change from session to session as balance is accessed.


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